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Na Na Na Surprise Pink Soft Plush Convertible Car

Na Na Na Surprise Pink Soft Plush Convertible Car

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Na! Na! Na! Surprise Pink Soft Plush Convertible Car

It鈥檚 the purrfect convertible! The Na! Na! Na! Surprise Soft Plush Convertible is a stylish doll car made of beautiful, soft material with exquisite stitched and printed details. It features cute, kitty-inspired style, wheels that really roll, and fits Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls and Teens fashion dolls. Since the! Na! Na! Surprise Soft Plush Convertible fits all Na! Na! Surprise dolls and Na! Na! Na! Surprise Teens Fashion Dolls, you can give all the dolls in your Na! Na! Na! Surprise collection a chance to drive. Makes a great gift鈥揹rive off on a wild adventure!

  • Soft, Plush Car For Fashion Dolls: The Na Na Na Surprise Soft Plush Convertible Is Made Of Beautiful, Soft Material Covered In Printed Fabric With Exquisite Stitched And Printed Details
  • Cute, Kitty Details: Soft Plush Convertible Has Cute Kitty Details Including A Kitty Nose And Whiskers, Kitty Ears On The Windshield And A Soft, Fluffy Tail. And All The Details Of A Real Car. Plush Seats, Wheels That Really Roll And Steering Wheel With Kitty Details. Drive Off On A Wild Adventure With This Soft, Plush Vehicle
  • Fits Dolls Of All Sizes: This 1-Seat Vehicle Fits Na Na Na Surprise Dolls Or Teens Dolls.The Open Top Makes It Easy To Slip Dolls (Not Included) In And Out
  • Trendy Car For Dolls: The Stylish Pink Car Is Purrfect For Those With Trendy Tastes. It Also Has Glam Silver Details, Meow License Plate And Modern Black Details


  • Made of soft material covered in printed fabric with stitched and printed details
  • Kitty nose and whiskers, kitty ears on the windshield and a soft, fluffy tail
  • Wheels really roll
  • Plush seats
  • Steering wheel with kitty details.
  • Fits Teens dolls
  • Fits Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls
  • Open top makes it easy to slip dolls in and out.
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