Take two 2020 Our Story

Who we are.. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver fun, versatile, and comfortable lifestyle apparel so our customers can share their same pride and passion while looking and feeling their best.

Our Promise 

Our promise is that you will experience a welcoming environment whenever and however you interact with us.

Our philosopy

We have been blessed beyond measure so we will pay it forward. Specifically we want to help youth have the equipment and funds necessary to participate in sports, arts, and other learning opportunities. We donate a portion of our gross revenue to participating schools that will use this money to support children in need.

Our Passions

  • Passion and enthusiasm for sports….. 
  •  Appreciation of high-quality, comfortable, yet stylish apparel…. 
  •  A desire to help youth in the community.

Customer Perks

Free returns on your first purchase, 

 50% reduction on all standard shipping 

 Our promise to do our best to make things right (just in case!)