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For the Young Woman and the Older Woman

We not only create quality, stylish gameday apparel for mature women to always look and feel their best, we also center sporting events around what matters most: food, friends, and family. We are not for the younger woman. We are for the young woman and the mature woman.

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Getting Gameday Ready: Familial Touchdown and Business Kickoff

As a niece-aunt duo, our loved ones have always been our top priority. When we were kids, instead of fun vacations or dessert for dinner, our parents treated us with season tickets to the Huskers, Bluejays, and Mavericks. With the wind slapping our icy cheeks and our frozen fingers curled around cups of steaming hot chocolate, our family whooped, whistled, cheered, booed, and hollered at the top of our lungs across a sea of red. From the North end zone, our family was loud, strong, and proudly united at each and every game. Our team might’ve lost, but we were unstoppable.

At Memorial Stadium, sports became our love language. As we grew up, we all bonded through fantasy football brackets, volleyball group chats, and tailgating parties. But family gatherings turned into strategy sessions when we realized just how difficult it was to find classy female sportswear for older women like us. We wanted an elevated version of our college gameday outfits, ones that were no longer ill-fitting or splashed with logos. So, we started My Gameday Collections (now Alumna House), hungry to prove that clothing doesn’t have to be too tight, too revealing, or too flashy while cheering on your favorite teams.

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Rolling with the Punches: Our Fight to Succeed

Our company wasn’t built overnight. Back in 2018, we rolled up our sleeves and finally got serious about going into business together. We enthusiastically planned and reworked our first designs. We tenaciously pursued local high schools and universities. We struck major licensing deals. Our bones ached for achievement. After hustling for over a year, we officially launched. 

Then the pandemic hit. And just like that, sporting events halted. We were filled with doubt. Would the work we were doing be relevant after players and fans returned to stadiums? Would we be able to survive?

But like our apparel, our approach to business wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Competition drove us, integrity and honesty guided us, and after pausing to catch our breath, we knew we were on to something big. We pivoted away from off-shore builds to an Omaha-based business partner, Dominikat, and established our microfactory right here in Nebraska. We thrived. Suddenly, all of the problems we faced while overseas disappeared. We said goodbye to inconsistent quality, coloring, and sizing. We were finally able to offer customizable, luxury pieces that effortlessly transitioned from day to night, all while creating local jobs for aspiring fashion designers and refugees.

Our story doesn’t stop there, though. Over the coming years, we plan to expand wholesale, strengthen our university roster, and eventually share our female-focused fashion with fans across the globe.

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Never Sitting on the Sidelines: Community Involvement

As an Omaha-based business, we’ve always actively supported our community. Since our start in 2019, we’ve donated 30 percent of our proceeds on non-profit apparel to our quarterly recipients, including the Omaha World-Herald Goodfellows, Mentor Nebraska, and the Nebraska Humane Society. And for each high school in our partnership, we generate an 8-percent kickback on their apparel. In 2022, we’ll initiate a round-up program, so all of our customers can contribute to sporting organizations in need. Here at Alumna House, we’re always committed to doing the right thing.


Meet the Bullpen: A Female-Founded Apparel Team

Carly and Jean

Jean Douchey Co-Founder

As a UNO alum, Jean has always been partial to teams in the Nebraska school system. Football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey are just a few of her favorite sports to watch. She lives in Omaha with her Hawkeye-loving husband and energetic pup. When she’s not working, Jean enjoys cuddling up with a mystery novel or binge-watching the latest Shakespeare and Hathaway series.

Carly Frazee Co-Founder

UNK graduate Carly is a kind-hearted, free spirit always looking for her next adventure. When Carly isn’t putting in work, you can probably find her traveling or laying out on a sandy beach somewhere. She currently lives in Hawaii, a far better place than Nebraska to soak in the sun.

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Our Promise: Classy Gameday Apparel for All

We promise to provide uniquely fresh and stylish designs in consistently-sized, quality fabric backed by exceptional customer service for mature gameday apparel that can be worn and loved by all. We incorporate sports logos and team logos into our designs for sports fans for tailgate parties, sportsbars, and sporting events, while ensuring that our customers are able to be classy older women.