About Us

alumna house co founders

We are Jean and Carly, co-founders of Alumna House! 

We are excited to share with you why we created this amazing company.    

We love watching our favorite teams play and we love shopping for just the right outfit. And this is where we found our opportunity.  During our shopping trips, we realized that the majority of “traditional” gameday apparel was too tight, too casual or just the average polo shirt.

We created Alumna House so that women can have stylish gameday apparel options to feel confident and beautiful. (One of our favorite sayings is “no more crop tops, no more polos!”)

We also know that women are crazy busy, wear multiple hats, and are expert jugglers.  Keeping women inspired, focused, and energized with lifestyle tips and strategies to be empowered and make their lives easier is all part of our game plan.

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Jean and Carly