Internship Opportunities

My Game Day Collections is excited to announce an opportunity for high school students to participate in a marketing internship with our company. We want to provide students with insights into the challenges of entrepreneurship and marketing in the digital age. The student will give us insight into how they perceive the use of social media in advertising.


Type of Internship:  Part-time, Marketing and Research internship (must be a junior or senior in HS)

 Project Description:  The intern will meet with the owners, Jean Douchey and Carly Frazee to receive an overview of the business, our marketing strategies and challenges, and plans for 2020.  We would ask the intern to research marketing ideas for social media and create ideas for fun Facebook and YouTube posts, research competition’s use of social media (how often, content, number of followers), and identify options for our company to showcase athletes on our website.

 Hours:  Maximum of 25 hours, duration is dependent upon the student and school requirements.  

Meeting Locations:  Because we have a home-office, we would meet at a local coffee shop, e.g., Starbucks or Scooters.  We can meet with the student after school or in the early evening.

 Commitments:  The high school and student’s parent or guardian would sign a release to have the student’s first name, photo, and school name published in our marketing communications and social media platforms.


Questions:  Contact us at any of our options listed below.


-Jean Douchey: (402) 960-2519