Community Support

When we (Jean and Carly) started our partnership, we spent many hours talking about what kind of company we wanted to have, the products we wanted to sell, the people we wanted to highlight in our social media posts, and the list went on.  One goal that stood out that we both agreed on immediately:  we want to lift others up and help our community. 

So, our philosophy is simple:  We have been blessed beyond measure so we will pay it forward.  And here are some examples of how we support the community: 

  • For every item sold with a high school logo, we give 8% of the net sales to the high school. We pay the high schools monthly or quarterly, depending upon the agreement, and we ask them to consider donating the funds to youth who may need help financially.
  • On occasion, we will offer promotional t-shirts specifically for a non-profit, and we give 20% of the net sales to the non-profit for every item sold. In 2020, our first promo was for the World Herald Goodfellows Charities in which we sold our “COVID-19 TIMEOUT” t-shirts. 
  • Donating our apparel items that have slight defects to non-profits.


We are always looking for ways to engage with others, so if you have an idea or you want your non-profit to participate in a promotion, please contact us at


 “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What are you doing for others?”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.