We love giving back to the community and so do our customers. 

Helping others is important to us so we have partnered with two nonprofit organizations that receive a portion of every sale.  Plus, you have the option of donating to them through our Round Up program upon check out.
THANK you for helping others in our community!

Ivy League Youth Sports Academy (ILYSA)

Ivy League Youth Sports Academy (ILYSA) is devoted to helping girls in fourth through eighth grades in the Omaha area achieve success in sports while building character and essential life skills. ILYSA cultivates a fun, engaging environment where these young athletes improve their sports IQ, competitive strategies, and mental toughness. ILYSA’s focus is not only on athletic skill development, but educating on strategies around nutrition, behavior, teamwork, and coach-player relationships.  ILYSA’s current programming includes high-quality basketball, soccer, and volleyball programs, with golf to be launched in 2023. In addition to providing a safe, inclusive environment for our athletes to develop their skills, ILYSA also includes invaluable nutrition education to support and nourish growing bodies.


Partnership 4 Kids (P4K)

Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) is a leading youth development nonprofit that provides long-term support for lifelong success. Career and skill-focused programming begins in pre-kindergarten and continues throughout a student’s academic journey.

 P4K was established in 1989 by Dr. Gail and Mike Yanney, dubbed Yanney’s Kids (later called All Our Kids), a mentoring program for middle school students in the Omaha area.

 In 1996, Jerry and Cookie Hoberman wanted to celebrate the achievements of Belvedere Elementary School (Omaha Public Schools) students. Initially an adopt-a-school relationship, Winners Circle grew into an achievement program.

In 2007, Winners Circle and All Our Kids were married, forming Partnership 4 Kids. Philanthropists and community leaders, Dick and Mary Holland were responsible for precipitating the union, recognizing the potential to seamlessly walk a child from pre-kindergarten through high school.

 For over three decades, P4K has been serving Omaha’s underserved youth with programming, services, and a continuum of support designed to steward them through critical academic transitions beginning in elementary school and continuing through postsecondary education. Alongside invaluable collaborating partners, P4K is bridging the opportunity gap for youth in under-resourced communities, enabling them to overcome barriers and become Omaha’s next generation of leaders.


Round Up Program

At Alumna House, we believe in the power of giving back! That's why we have introduced a round-up donation program to make it easier for our customers to contribute to charitable causes. When you're ready to check out, you'll have the option to round up your total. By simply donating, you can make a significant impact in supporting the community! It's a small gesture that can collectively create a big difference. Together, let's make every purchase count and help build a better world through our shared generosity!