We've Graduated!

Earlier this year, when COVID-19 appeared, we took a pause.  We didn't add any new clothing items or add any more teams to our selection but we didn't stop working.  

We took the opportunity to reflect upon our business and our offerings.  And we felt My Game Day Collections was not a good representation of our business and the direction we want to go.  So, we graduated to Alumna House!  

Our focus is to bring you comfortable, casual, cute game day apparel.  Check out our new website here: www.alumnahouse.com.  And some of you may recognize the beautiful models (thank you Aileen and Mikaela!)

Be on the look out next week for new items coming to our shop!!  Some of which would be great for all those you love and have been great support to our community in this time.

We appreciate your support!!  Take care, do well, spread love.


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