Welcome to My Game Day Collections!

Hello, friends, and welcome!

This is Jean Douchey and Carly Frazee, founder and cofounder of My Game Day Collections. We are excited to share with you why we created this amazing company.    

For many years, we have watched our favorite teams play and on occasion, we have held friendly “bragging rights” competitions about which team(s) will win.  We also enjoy watching other family members participate in sports, or coach middle and high school sports. And, of course, we love shopping for just the right outfit to wear to cheer on our favorite team.

And this is where we found our opportunity.  During annual shopping trips at the beginning of the fall season, we learned that game day apparel is very much geared to college age women.  This is great but not all of us are 22 (okay, well Carly is but she gets why not all women want to wear sleeveless, crop tops…)

Through discussions with many others, we realized that women would love to have more clothing options and not just for collegiate events and games but for high schools as well!

So, what is our mission?  Our mission is to deliver fun, versatile, and comfortable lifestyle apparel so our customers can share their same pride and passion for the game while looking and feeling their best.


Jean and Carly

P.S.  We will be sharing more updates very soon!

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