9 Ways to Style Hair for Game Day

9 Ways to Style Hair for Game Day
Sporting events are back in full swing, and fans everywhere are gearing up to watch the action from the stadium or the comfort of home with cheering friends and family.
We believe that hairstyles can be tailored to fit your personality, your age and your style.  With the variety of makeup looks to pair them with; endless fun.
If you’re like us, you like versatility with design. Some of the following hairstyles are so simple that you can create them in your rearview mirror when you're on the go from event to event.
Our biggest advice for game day hairstyles is prepare for movement. There are products made to keep your hair in place and attractive through the whole day, and we recommend asking your stylist which products work best with your hair texture and color.
 Read on for tutorials, inspirational images and more!
9 Ways to Style Mature Hair for Game Day
Style it in a casual bun
A bun is one of the easiest updos you can create yourself. If you struggle with volume, backcombing your hair helps to add body and enlarge the bun's size.  
Do knot be shy
We're not talking about tangled hair when we recommend knots. These styles are loose and breezy styles. You can tease the roots of your hair to provide lift around your face. You can pull out strands around the knot to create a casual, lived-in look.
Accessorize it
Dry and style your hair, then pin it back with decorated clips, stylish pins, and devices designed to keep hair from falling in your face throughout the day.
The great thing about using accessories is their added functionality and personality to your look.  It’s common to wear jewelry, hats and scarves, but you can stand out by including decorative clips and pins in your hair.
Also, because many 2022 fashion trends are focused on the celebration of coming together again, we love the idea of including sparkles and jewels in your game day look.
Let it loose
Letting your natural hair fly free is often a good choice with the right products and styling tools. You don't have to worry about it falling out of place (i.e. an updo) if it's laying how it naturally grew to.
Feminine hair
Lift it up
A high ponytail or high bun is a youthful, active style. It's also a free facelift!
Brush your hair back into your palm's secure grip, then wrap it with a hair tie. We love the idea of wrapping the tie in colored ribbons that are your favorite team's colors. You can find many ribbon options at your local hobby shop or online.
If you’re not wanting a super sleeked back look, you can leave pieces out around your face and curl them with a one-inch barrel iron.
We also love bangs with buns. If you have bangs or tapering around your face, you might like to add volume to them by styling with a hot brush.
Get twisted
Twist two thick tufts of hair from each side of your head to connect in the center of the back of your head. Use a thin hair tie to connect them. If you don’t want to commit to a full updo, you can opt for this half-up/half-down style.
You can brush your hair back and twist all of it around two fingers until it creates a little spiral. Then you can wrap this spiral around itself multiple times and secure it with a hair tie or a scrunchie. An easy-going low bun like this can be dressed up or dressed down. This feminine style adds a bohemian essence to your look and functions well throughout a busy day.
Ensure that the work you put into your hairstyle will last. Keep flyaways in place with a low-hold hairspray. These keep shape, but still allow hair to maintain movement.
Braid it
Have you noticed that many female athletes style their hair in braids? It's for a good reason! The mechanics of these styles hold hair in place well.
Braids are efficient and keep your hair protected from harsh elements that damage it over time.
Because there are so many braid styling options, we suggest you take a look at these tutorials before you get to braiding.
Make it messy
There’s something about a woman who can rock messy curls with an effortless attitude. If you’re going to be outside in the wind and elements for a summertime sporting event, you may like to prepare your hair for the natural curl of humidity by fluffing it up ahead of time. 
Cut it out
If you’re one to get straight to business and hire a stylist to perfect your hair, arrive at the salon prepared with inspirational photos.
We found a list of 80 Best Modern Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 50 that you may love.
Add a finishing touch
Don’t forget to accessorize and spritz your hair with perfume before you head out. Perfume scents cling to hair strands and clothing fibers extremely well, so it's a great place to spritz before a long day. 

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