World Herald Goodfellows Charities

Carly and I, like everyone else, have been saddened to see the impact of COVID-19 on our communities.  And while we know most of the world has been in a ‘timeout’ the need for community support has not.  So, we are excited to announce a limited edition “Timeout” men or women’s t-shirt.  20% of the gross sales will be donated to the World Herald Goodfellows Charities to help families in need.

A friend of ours came up with “Timeout” (thank you, Peg!) and it is so appropriate.  Although this year has been unreal, and at times, it doesn’t ever feel like it, we know that we are indeed only in a ‘timeout.’  

So we hope you like the t-shirt and will order one for you and your loved ones. (My husband, Wade wore it to the supermarket last night and someone told him, ‘Nice t-shirt!”)  

P.S. we've got more colors coming! 

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