Red Light...Green Light

When I was very young we used to play the game “red light-green light.“  But, did you ever wonder about the yellow light? (Those who know my driving habits would question whether I understand what the yellow light really means...)

Well, due to COVID-19, we know that many people are worried about their health, their jobs and their families. And, for many of us that means not spending extra dollars especially if our favorite sporting events are cancelled.  So Carly and I are going to hold our spring collection until next year so everyone has time to regroup.  We will still have some items available for the team stores but we will not put them on our website.

In the meantime, please feel free to shop our current collection at great sale prices.  Customers love the comfy feel of the shirts and cardigans and you can choose to buy them without a logo too!

Carly  continues her urban gardening job with “Big Muddy” and I will continue working part-time and finding things for my retired husband to do around the house. HA!  And, we will anxiously wait to see what happens with fall sports....

We hope and pray that you and yours are staying sane, safe, and healthy.

Thank you for always being there for us!!

Jean and Carly

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