Pandemic Pause and Plans

Hello family and friends,

We hope this finds all of you staying safe and healthy.  To say that this year has been unsettling, unbelievable, and unreal seems like an understatement.  Carly and I have had some interesting conversations about our luck (or lack thereof!) with starting a business only to have a pandemic hit three months into our launch.  Holy crap!!  (And yes I did just say that in an email.  😊 )

We are learning to be patient, and remember to keep everything in perspective. And because we have had time, we decided to take this “time-out” by reflecting on what we would like to improve.  So let’s share some of these changes that we plan to roll out next week:

  • New name - We chose our current name to just get started but we weren't sold on is too long, hard to remember, etc.!
  • Updated website - So customers can find apparel and items for their school more easily.
  • Additional products - So fans can show their favorite team on apparel plus accessories.
  • A commitment to stay in touch more often through blogs and social media.  

But what we won’t change is our same goal of giving back to the community!

We look forward to sending you the announcement about our new name and website next week.  As always, thank you for your support!!


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