Message From the Founder | Overcoming Obstacles in February 2022

Dear family and friends,


While we been bundled up indoors for the winter our team of designers have been hard at work sourcing fabrics, creating patterns, making samples, and then doing it all over again when we found out some things don't work quite well.  Combining the right pattern, the right fabric, and the right fit is a huge effort.  But there is good news! We are overcoming these trials all from right here in Omaha. Because of our location and collaboration, we can make adjustments quickly without having to ship to external vendors.


"So what’s in store for February?"

We are preparing our pre-order launch of our Fall 2022 Tailgate Collection!  


"Why pre-orders?"

Pre-orders help everyone. This way, we don’t make excess inventory that we don't need. This keeps our costs down and we don’t waste our precious earthly resources.  

We're releasing photos and videos of this collection later this month. Pre-orders will be available for a crewneck and a V-neck Raglan sweater in multiple color-ways (for each teams we represent) AND zippered leggings! 

You can pre-order your fall game day outfit by April 1st to receive it by August 1st ... just in time for fall sports!

At this point, I would be remiss if I didn’t close out by saying thank you. 


Thank you to all of our fans, friends, and family who have stood by our side as we continue to build this business.  It means the world to us!

Jean Douchey


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