Let The [Party] Games Begin!

Alumna House is proud to offer collegiate licensed apparel for universities that made it to the NCAA March Madness Tournament:  University of Nebraska women’s team, Creighton University Bluejays men & women’s teams, University of Iowa men & women’s teams, Iowa State men & women’s teams, Drake University men & women’s teams, and Marquette University men’s basketball team.   

March is one of our favorite months - certainly not due to the weather but because we LOVE watching these games.  And, if there is a party involved, well then there has to be games!  We have been known to play poker, Clue, Trivia questions, charades, and card games.  

So, in celebration of NCAA March Madness, we are excited to offer a set of free games!!  Think about it – you can use these games for more than just a game day party!  If you have kids at home that love basketball then give them a bingo card! 


We will have three free games for you:


BINGO WORD MANIA – You can only mark BINGO if you hear the announcers say the word, e.g., shot clock violation.  This game is available for downloads now!  CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD!


WHO AM I? – This game is like playing “20 questions.”  (If you have never played this game, well then follow along here.)  As people arrive at the party, you give them a card with a name on it.  The names will be related to NCAA men and women’s basketball games.  The person receiving the card must keep their name confidential.  The goal of the game is for everyone else to figure out who everyone else is in the game.  The winner is the person who guesses the most other names in the group.  Example:  Person A receives the name “Coach Amy Williams” (University of Nebraska women’s basketball coach.)  Other people in the party get to ask yes/no questions of each other, such as “are you a man, are you an  athlete?” The person answering the questions must answer truthfully.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

And if you really want to have fun?  Well one time we hosted a party, identified “referees”, bought penalty flags, and watched lots of competitive sisters, nieces/nephews, cousins, aunts, in-laws have a blast.  Although on this particular occasion, the penalty flags were commandeered by the players and they started flying around the room……so you might want to buy a whistle if you need to take control of the game!!

Finally, it helps to have someone as a referee with a strong voice, an ability to get everyone in line, and someone unafraid………someone like our co-founder Carly.  During Christmas one year, we could not get everyone to pay attention.  That was no problem for Carly who shouted like a general with the troops and quickly got everyone to be quiet!!


FINAL FOUR BINGO WATCH MANIA – You can only mark BINGO if you witness the item during the game, e.g., an actual scrum.  (When did basketball become like rugby?)  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!


Keep an eye out for the emails announcing when the downloadable games are available.


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    Love these games!!

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