A Piece of Feminist History in your Closet!

Alright, guess this clothing item- it usually has sleeves, it usually is longer than your waist, it slides on like a robe.. that’s right! A cardigan!

We love our cardigan sweater which is soft and comfortable, and like many other sweaters they are such a mainstay in our closet.  But who would have thought that the cardigan had such an auspicious start? 

The origin of the women’s cardigan started on college campuses in the mid 1900’s when men began wearing button down cardigans and then women followed suit.  Women were rightfully tired of wearing girdles, much like a compression sock over the stomach, and were wanting to assert their own independence on what they believed was fashionable.

The shift in apparel was too much for some, “In 1937, college men at Northwestern complained that women were "handicapping themselves" with their sloppy dress and they should "make themselves prettier," to deserve their attention.” 

However; knowing that most of us have at least one cardigan, the love for our cardigans persevered.

Read more in the link below about how this one apparel item caused such an uproar.  And how ‘sloppy joes” are just not for dinner.



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