8 Sporting Event Etiquette Tips for the Classy Woman

Attire & Etiquette Tips for the Classy Woman at a Sporting Event

New to the world of sporting events? Before attending the game, study these tips to learn
about proper sports etiquette for a classy woman and how to become the best fan possible.



Adhere to the correct color palette. Avoid wearing jerseys for players and teams who aren’t competing in the game you attend.

Say "no" to cookie-cutter, replica paraphernalia. Opt for high-quality apparel, compared to low-quality merch. 

Consider a color-neutral outfit. If you’re not supporting either team, opt for black, white, or gray pieces to look impartial---and chic!

Arrive on time. If you can, be seated early to avoid blocking others’ views. And anticipate some seating confusion. Whether you arrive to people sitting in your seat or simply struggle to read your tickets, allow for extra time while finding your spot in the stadium.

Leave your oversized bag at home. Before entering the stadium, you’ll likely need to pass through security. A large bag will require more time to check. Make security check-points a breeze by carrying only the essentials in a clear backpack, a small clutch, or in your pockets.

Pick mess-free foods. Food is part of the fun, but choose dishes that won’t end up all over your outfit. If sunflower seeds or peanuts are your snacks of choice, put the shells into a cup rather than on the floor around you. Keep your seat clean, and make sure your trash ends up in a receptacle before leaving the stadium.

Catch at your own risk. Foul balls, stray pucks, and t-shirts from the t-shirt cannon are all fair game, but be mindful of those around you. Keep that competitive spirit in check and graciously give up the item if you’re engaged in a tug-of-war with another fan.

Accept wins and defeats gracefully. “Great game,” and “way to go!” are positive phrases of encouragement that keep the mood light and the next game fun.

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