3 Gift Closet Tips! Eliminating Stressful Last Minute Gift Shopping!

Gift closets are perfect for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.  You can shop at sales, save money by planning ahead and avoiding panic spending near the special date.  You can spread your dollar spend throughout the year and not have to use too much of your credit cards in one month which can cause more debt and interest on credit cards. And, if you need a gift for an event that was not on your list, you may have something in the closet without having to worry about getting out and buying something at the last minute.

How do I create a gift closet?

 1. Organize!

    a. Choose a place in your home to house your gifts.

    b. If you have room, you can add the wrapping paper, bags, and tags all in the same closet.

    c. POST the gift sheet on the closet door or on your fridge. CLICK HERE for Gift Sheet!

    d. I find that if I keep a sticky note reminder in the same place, I tend to overlook it! So, every month, move the list to a different place in your house so you see it front and center.


  2. Plan!

      a. Start by making a list of all of the people you buy for throughout the year.

      b. Identify their interests and add it to the list.

      c. if you don’t know, make it a point to listen and find out more.  Ask their other friends and family members what they like or don’t like.



 3. Purchase!

    a. Once you have ideas, you will be amazed at what you find when you are out and about.  I have found great gifts at boutiques, bookstores, and online stores (my favorite way of finding new and unique gifts because for some reason they know exactly what I need – who’s listening to me, Alexa?)


Now there is nothing preventing you from getting organized.  You know to:

  • PLAN



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