10 Closet Organization Hacks for the Stylish Woman

10 Closet Organization Hacks for the Stylish Woman

The way that you organize and display your apparel pieces and accessories says a lot about your personality. 

Do you tend to organize your closet by color, by apparel piece, or by season? Make the most of your closet space and read on to be inspired by new hacks to get and keep your closet organized. 


Hang your scarves in the circles of curtain clips that are attached to the bottom of a velvet hanger.

Use an Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

Hang an inexpensive organizer over the back of your closet door that you can slide shoes, jewelry, socks, panties, and more into. Consider organizing each row of cups by week.

Rotate Your Closet Every Season

If you live in a part of the world where the four seasons welcome all sorts of weather, we love the idea of creating space on your curtain rods for the current season’s clothing pieces.

In the start of summer time, put all of your heavy coats, snow boots, and mittens into a storage container box to store away for the winter. Before winter, exchange those items for your sundresses, swimsuits, and sandals to slide into the back of your closet for next year. Of course, store with easy access, as you may find yourself taking a tour of a new city with a different climate. 

The benefit to this is that there’s no better feeling that “finding” an apparel piece in the back of your closet that you forgot that you had!

Designer’s Tip:

Storing boots? Line them with thick boot socks to maintain their shape during downtime.


Organize Folded Items on Shelving

Folded items can look messy in an instant, so we suggest to organize these in a color code. When you’re looking for a red sweater, your eyes can follow the colors of the rainbow to find exactly what you’re looking for very quickly. 

Alternate Each Shoe’s Direction

By place the toe of one shoe next to the heel of another, you can save space on your shoe rack for more 

Soda Tab Hangers

Do you still save your soda tabs? They can finally be put to good use! Slide these tabs over the top of a wire hanger to drop a second hanger into the hole.


Hang your Handbags

Consider handing your handbags by their handles, rather than placing them on shelves to avoid damaging these bags by being squished into awkward positions against each other. 

Use Drawer Inserts

Drawer dividers and inserts can segment your accessories and intimate wear. Separate your underwear, bras, socks, scarves, hats, gloves, swimsuits, and coverups between the seasons. 

Prepare for Your Week with a Clothing Rack

There’s no better feeling than starting your Monday prepared. We suggest using your Sunday to style a clothing rack with your weeks’ outfits. There’s no better display in a closet than one that’s put to good use. 


Turn Your Hangers

Do you find pieces in your closet that you feel like you haven’t worn in years? Follow this strategy before you start tossing items into a donation pile. 

Arrange all of your clothing hangers in the same direction. When you go to put an item back after wearing it, turn the hanger to face the opposite direction. Within six months, you’ll be able to see which items you’ve worn and which you can donate.

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